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    Default what happens when you die mtg

    what happens when you die in magic

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    Default Re: what happens when you die mtg

    Once you life total unless there is a state based affect keeping you from loosing the game you lose the game.

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    Default Re: what happens when you die mtg

    you question is not realy clear.

    here are some possible answers:

    1. your friend should call a coronor ... after they stoped screaming ^^

    2. you "die" when your lifetotal is 0. you cant draw a card from your libraray because it is empty and an effect tells you to. a card effect tells you you loose the game. you have 10 or more poison counter. you conside the game. you recive a gameloss from a judge.

    or are you just asking what happens to cards in play when someone looses ? in that case i will let arix take the honor of answering . he can get these rules points accross a good bit better than me

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    Default Re: what happens when you die mtg

    Well, it's easy enough for a two-player game. You lose, he wins, shuffle up for the next game.

    In a multiplayer game, however, it's different. First, any cards that player owns leave the game, including those controlled by another player. Any spells and abilities on the stack controlled by that player cease to exist. Any effects giving that player control over another player's card end. If there's anything left still controlled by that player, those things are exiled. Finally, if the player had priority, it passes to the next player in turn order.
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    Default Re: what happens when you die mtg

    also if u have platinum angel on battlefield you dont die even when your life goes to 0 or negative



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