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    Default when do i need to discard extra cards magic

    if i have 7 cards in my hand because i couldnt cast anything and i draw a card and now i have 8 do i need to immediately discard or can i play what i drew and then id ont have to discard?

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    Default Re: when do i need to discard extra cards magic

    The Discard Phase is right before the end of the turn. You have until then to see if there is a spell you would be able to power. You cannot end your turn with over 7 cards unless you have something that allows for this like Library of Leng
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    Default Re: when do i need to discard extra cards magic

    To nitpick, the "discard phase" no longer exists. Discarding down to 7 now happens during the cleanup step (the very last step of a turn).
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    Default Re: when do i need to discard extra cards magic

    the "cleanup step"

    It irritates me every time hear it, read it, say it, or even think it. It's a stupid term if I ever heard one. It's a dinosaur that refuses to die - Richard Garfield is alive and well, we don't need an empty homage to him.

    It's 2010. I mean, really? ... the "cleanup step" is the best WotC could come up with when they're supposedly trying to be more flavorful with 'battlefield' and dummy combat?



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