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    Default what are fetches magic the gathering

    what are "fetches" in magic?

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    Default Re: what are fetches magic the gathering

    Cards that tell you to search your library for something (these are also called "Tutors" possibly named after Demonic Tutor.) Like the new fetchlands (Arid Mesa, Misty Rainforest, etc.) or cards like Gifts Ungiven.

    Sometimes people will refer to spells that get a card from out side the game as a "Fetch." However, I call these spells "Wishes" after the wish cards; Burning Wish, Cunning Wish, etc.

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    Default Re: what are fetches magic the gathering

    most commonly when people talk about fetches, they will be refering to fetchlands though.

    cards that search for lands and put them into play are usualy refered to as ramp spells.

    cards that search for a crad to put it into your hand as tutors.

    the terminologie does varie a bit though on a lokal level.



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