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    Default how to use regenerate ability mtg

    how do i use regenerate ability in magic?

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    Default Re: how to use regenerate ability mtg

    When something regenerates all that means is "the next time [permanent] would be destroyed this turn, INSTEAD, remove all damage marked on it, and tap it."

    So if you have a 1/1 creature who takes 3 damage from a lightning bolt, but you regenerate that creature. All you do is remove the 3 damage lightning bolt did from the 1/1, and tap it.

    Regenerate does not save a creature if his toughness reaches zero though.

    Say you have that same 1/1 creature out. You opponent plays Contagion Engine.

    Contagion Engine (Scars of Mirrodin) - Gatherer - Magic: The Gathering

    Contagion Engine enters the field, putting a -1/-1 counter on your 1/1 creature. Your creature is now a 0/0. You can regenerate him, but that won help because there is no damage to remove.



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