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Thread: whats the point of Prophetic Prism?

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    Default whats the point of Prophetic Prism?

    what is the point of Prophetic Prism if I have to pay one mana and I get only one mana back? was it supposed to give 2 mana back maybe?

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    Default Re: whats the point of Prophetic Prism?

    The "point" of it is to fix your mana. Note that its ability costs 1 generic mana, and what you get back can be mana of any color. This means you can pay for its ability using white, blue, black, red, green, or even colorless mana. Then, in return, you get one mana of any other color.

    So, obviously, Prophetic Prism is pretty useless in a monocolor deck. However, let's say your deck uses 3 or more colors. In that case, you would use Prophetic Prism to help you get the right colors of mana.

    For example, if you had 3 Prophetic Prism on the battlefield, and 3 Forests, you could cast Grixis Charm, since you could turn your three green mana into the colors needed for it. Obviously, without the Prisms, you would be stuck with 3 green mana, and would only be able to cast green/colorless spells.

    Mana "fixing," while not as technically powerful as pure ramp, is still a useful ability to have when your deck is multicolored. Again, a deck using only 1 color generally has no use for fixing its mana.



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