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    Default what's the difference between basic land and nonbasic land?

    whats the difference between basic land and non-basic land?

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    Default Re: what's the difference between basic land and nonbasic land?

    You can have any number of basic lands in your deck, and basic lands have one of the five basic land types: Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, or Forest.

    Basic lands also have the "basic" supertype, which is what makes them basic lands.

    Nonbasic lands are any lands without the word "basic" in their type line -- even those that have basic land types, like Hallowed Fountain or Watery Grave. You can only have a maximum of 4 of any nonbasic land card in your deck, just like every other card besides basic lands (or Relentless Rats).

    Does that clear it up? Those are the major differences, but I can break it down more if for some reason you were wondering something else about them.



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