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    Default when i cast barbed field do i get mana mtg

    when i cast barbed field do i get mana?

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    Default Re: when i cast barbed field do i get mana mtg

    Why would you? Barbed Field has nothing to do with producing mana -- it's merely an Aura enchantment that gives an activated ability to whichever land you choose to enchant.

    For example, if you enchant a Forest with Barbed Field, it will have two separate activated abilities:

    - "T: Add G to your mana pool."
    - "T: This land deals 1 damage to target creature or player."

    Since both of these activated abilities require tapping as a cost, you can only ever activate one of these abilities at a time. If you wanted to activate both, you would have to find a way to untap the land first, as you would be unable to tap it for the cost of the other ability without untapping it first.



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