I kind of found a nice site

Day 1: 2009 US National Championship : Daily MTG : Magic: The Gathering

Where they give a play by play breakdown in text (with cards bolded and the card pops up on mouse hover over the link).
I was wondering if there were another site where that's all they do or post a lot of matches in text format?

I have been searching for 3 days on google and this is all i've found so far. Probably I don't know the correct keywords to
get a good match for my buck.

I can only afford to download one short 20mb video per day, so I won't be doing much learning that way, slug pace. I have
restricted number of MB per day and share my computer online time with a 2nd member fo the household.
So finding a good text site where they describe the match play by play would be wonderful!!!

Thanks anyone if you know of any and can share it.