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    Default Rakdos Ringleader 4BR, 3/1 is Regerate neverending?

    Rakdos Ringleader 4BR
    Creature -- Skeleton Warrior / Uncommon
    Return to Ravnica
    First strike.
    Whenever Rakdos Ringleader deals
    combat damage to a player, that
    player disards a card at random.

    B: Regenerate Rakdos Ringleader.

    So, is this Regenerate neverending each time the creature is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard?
    (of course for the payment of a B each time regenerated.)


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    Default Re: Rakdos Ringleader 4BR, 3/1 is Regerate neverending?

    You can use the regeneration ability multiple times in a single turn, provided you have the mana available for it. Here's the Comprehensive Rules excerpt on regeneration:

    614.8. Regeneration is a destruction-replacement effect. The word “instead” doesn’t appear on the card
    but is implicit in the definition of regeneration. “Regenerate [permanent]” means “The next time
    [permanent] would be destroyed this turn, instead remove all damage marked on it and tap it. If it’s
    an attacking or blocking creature, remove it from combat.” Abilities that trigger from damage being
    dealt still trigger even if the permanent regenerates. See rule 701.12.
    A couple of notes:

    1. See how I bolded the word "destroyed?" That's because it's a very important point. In Magic, the word "destroy" has a very specific meaning. Here it is, now, in fact!

    701.6b The only ways a permanent can be destroyed are as a result of an effect that uses the word
    “destroy” or as a result of the state-based actions that check for lethal damage (see rule 704.5g)
    or damage from a source with deathtouch (see rule 704.5h). If a permanent is put into its
    owner’s graveyard for any other reason, it hasn’t been “destroyed.”
    So, to reiterate what the above says, the only things that cause a permanent to be destroyed are as follows:

    1. Due to the effect of a spell/ability that specifically uses the term "destroy" on it,
    2. Due to lethal damage being marked on it (obviously only applies to creatures, as they're the only permanent type that can have damage marked on it), or
    3. Due to damage from a source with deathtouch, such as Vampire Nighthawk.

    If a permanent is going to the graveyard for any reason besides the above three, it's not being destroyed. Some examples:

    - Slum Reaper's "enters the battlefield" triggered ability causes each player to sacrifice a creature. Sacrificing is not destruction, so regeneration does nothing to prevent it.
    - Trostani's Judgment exiles a creature. This means that it goes into the exile zone, which is an entirely different zone from the graveyard. Again, exile is not destruction.
    - Tragic Slip can potentially cause a creature's toughness to reach 0. If a creature's toughness is ever at 0 or less, it is sent to the graveyard as a state-based action. This is yet another case that is not destruction.

    ...Oh, right, one other thing that's definitely worth mentioning:

    If it’s an attacking or blocking creature, remove it from combat.
    This only happens when the regeneration "shield" is actually used up -- simply activating the regeneration ability won't immediately cause a creature to be removed from combat.

    Having said that, also note that a creature that's about to be destroyed via lethal combat damage has already both dealt its damage, as well as had damage dealt to it. Thus, removing a creature from combat that's dying from combat doesn't accomplish much

    "Then why bother with this 'remove it from combat' business?"

    Ah, a valid question! See, there are all sorts of reasons why a creature might be destroyed after it has become an attacker/blocker, but before the combat damage step. For example, Searing Spear or Ultimate Price being used on a creature would cause it to be destroyed prior to the combat damage step. In that case, the creature's regeneration "shield" will be applied, which will cause it to tap (of course, if it's an attacking creature, it's already tapped) and remove it from combat -- thus preventing it from being able to deal combat damage when the appropriate step finally happens.

    Regeneration is a fairly complex subject, so don't be concerned at all if it's still confusing. As per usual, feel free to ask for clarification, should you need it!

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    Default Re: Rakdos Ringleader 4BR, 3/1 is Regerate neverending?

    self) <---...... bends down and slams head against desktop, 3... oh, 4 times, .... does it another 4 times for good measure.
    Looks back up at definitions, clarifications, rules.... bangs head another 3 times.

    Uh, yeah!!! it's all clear. Crystal Clear!!



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