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    Default how to read planeswalker cards

    how do you read a planeswalker card?

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    Default Re: how to read planeswalker cards

    ...you use your eyes, don't you? Otherwise I've been doing it very wrong.

    Okay seriously. The card's name, cost, and type line are in the same place as on any other card (top left, top right, and underneath the art respectively). The number in the bottom right corner is the planeswalker's starting loyalty - that's how many loyalty counters they come into play with. The three abilities each planeswalker has (or four, come New Jace) are all activated abilities, and they follow the same rules as regular activated abilities, except you can only play one per turn, and only as a sorcery. The number on the left is the cost to activate the ability - a cost of "+1" means "Put one loyalty counter on this guy", while a cost of -6 means "take six loyalty counters off". As with any other activated ability, you can't play an ability unless you can pay the full cost, so no playing a -6 ability if the planeswalker only has five counters. The words to the right of the cost is the effect the ability has when it resolves.

    Other than that...yeah.
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