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Thread: is artifact a color

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    Default is artifact a color

    Does artefact count as a color?

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    Default Re: is artifact a color

    This has been answered a million times by a million people. NO.

    Let me put it this way: Is LAND a colour? is CREATURE a colour? Nope, they're all card types.
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    Default Re: is artifact a color

    ArtifA card's color is determined by any of three things:

    1. Mana cost,
    2. Color indicators, and/or
    3. Characteristic-defining abilities.

    Most artifacts have no colors in their mana cost, which makes them colorless. Colorless is the lack of color -- it is not a color itself.
    Now, a card like Master Transmuter is blue, because it has blue mana in its mana cost, despite being an artifact. Again, as DatAsh pointed out, Artifact is a card type, not a color - what an artifact's color is, depends on the above factors that I mentioned.



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