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Thread: is any card that produces mana a land?

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    Default is any card that produces mana a land?

    Hello, am new to magic and was wondering if all cards that make mana are lands

    or more specifically,

    can Arbor Elf untap Llanowar Elf?

    Can I find Llanowar Elves using Boundless Realm?

    do I count Llanowar Elves for Bountiful Harvest?


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    Default Re: is any card that produces mana a land?

    No. Mana and lands are two different things. Being able to produce mana doesn't make something a land.
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    Default Re: is any card that produces mana a land?

    Something is a land only if one of the following is true:

    1. It has "land" in its type line,
    2. Its rules text specifically says that it's a land, and/or
    3. An outside effect causes an object to become a land.

    As Arix pointed out, a permanent that produces mana is not automatically a land -- unless one of the above is true.

    Llanowar Elves is not a land. Dryad Arbor is a land (and a creature simultaneously - an extremely rare feat). Again, checking the type line is the easiest way to determine this.



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