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    Default i have a hellkite Charger, can i destroy a creature rthat regenerates?

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    Default Re: i have a hellkite Charger, can i destroy a creature rthat regenerates?

    Hello, Ollie, and welcome to the forums!

    Is this the Hellkite Charger you mean?

    Flying, haste

    Whenever Hellkite Charger attacks, you may pay {5}{R}{R}. If you do, untap all attacking creatures and after this phase, there is an additional combat phase.
    If so -- which ability, exactly, is going to destroy a creature? There's nothing special about Hellkite Charger that will allow you to destroy a creature at all, much less one that has a regeneration shield.

    Generally speaking, the only way for Hellkite Charger to destroy a creature is by blocking or being blocked during the Combat Phase. And even then, you're only going to destroy a creature that doesn't/can't regenerate.

    Example: Player A attacks with Hellkite Charger, and Player B blocks with Dredge Skeletons. Obviously, if Player B activates the regeneration activated ability before the combat damage step, then Dredge Skeletons will regenerate and won't be destroyed.

    On the other hand, if Player B is out of mana, or just chooses not to regenerate for whatever reason, then of course Dredge Skeletons will be destroyed.

    Is that clear enough? If not, feel free to ask for further clarification.



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