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Thread: how long does exile last magic the gathering

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    Default how long does exile last magic the gathering

    when a card says to exile a creature, for how long does creature remain exiled before it comes back to game?

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    Default Re: how long does exile last magic the gathering

    The card that's doing the exiling will also state the duration of the exile. If it doesn't state that the creature ever returns to the battlefield, then it won't return at all. Let's look at 4 examples:

    1. Swords to Plowshares: This card doesn't specify a duration. As such, the exiled creature stays in the exile zone, and won't return to the battlefield unless you use another spell/ability to recover it.

    2. Ghostway: The text says that the exiled creatures return at the beginning of the next end step (basically, the end of the current turn). As such, that's when the exiled creatures return

    3. Oblivion Ring: This card keeps the exiled permanent in the exile zone until it (Oblivion Ring) leaves the battlefield. Then, the exiled permanent will return.

    4. Ghostly Flicker: This card exiles the selected card(s), and then returns them to the battlefield immediately -- this all happens during the resolution of Ghostly Flicker's effect. Why have your card(s) leave the battlefield, only to return right away? There are quite a few reasons -- to re-use enters the battlefield triggered abilities, to dodge targeting spells/abilities, and so forth.

    So, to review: if the exiling effect doesn't state a duration, then whatever's being exiled will stay there indefinitely.



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