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    Default trample blcking sacrifice blocker

    what happens if i block creature that has trample for example i block 4/4 with trample using a 1/1 so 3 trample damage goes over normally but what if i sacrifice my 1/1 after declaring it as blocker do i get 3 damage or do i get 4 now?

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    Default Re: trample blcking sacrifice blocker

    Time was, you could assign damage (1 to the blocker and 3 to you), then sac the blocker, taking only 3.

    These days, damage is dealt as soon as it's assigned. If you sac the blocker before damage, it won't be there to take any damage, so you'll take the full 4. If you wait until damage is dealt, the blocker will die before you get the chance to sac it.
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