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    Default mtg how many land card allowed

    how many land cards u allowed in mtg?

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    Default Re: mtg how many land card allowed

    You can have as many as you want.

    In standard a deck is 60 cards and most recomend 20-24 lands.

    Other decks are bigger and would require more lands but search the forums if you are seeking that question.

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    Default Re: mtg how many land card allowed

    In constructed formats (where you bring your own deck to play), the minimum deck size is 60 cards. Note that this is a minimum - you can have as many as you like. Most players recommend sticking as close to 60 as you can though, so that you have a better chance of drawing what you need when you need it.

    In limited (where you're given a certain amount of packs and build a deck out of whatever you get), the minimum is 40. Again, you can go as far over this minimum as you like, but it's best to stick as close to it as you can.

    In either case, there's no set amount of land that you "need". As Kappu said, 24 is a good guideline (for a constructed 60 card deck), but it all depends on what your deck is like. If it's full of cheap cards and other sources of mana, you can go down to 20, 18, or even lower. If the cards are more expensive, you might want a few more. If you have a deck that relies on drawing lands (a landfall deck, Seismic Assault, etc), you might want more as well.

    It really depends on the deck itself, but 24 is a good baseline.
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