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    Default magic rules no cards in hand

    What are the rules for no cards left in hand in magic?

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    Default Re: magic rules no cards in hand

    When you are out of cards, you are out of cards. You must wait until you draw phase to get another card in hand.
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    Default Re: magic rules no cards in hand

    Quote Originally Posted by planeswalker View Post
    What are the rules for no cards left in hand in magic?
    Every new player gets frustrated by a lack of cards in hand. In my opinion, if anyone wants to continue playing MAGIC and enjoy it at the same time, he or she must learn the fundamentals of card advantage.

    The term card advantage is nearly as old as MAGIC itself and is a fundamental concept of all CCGs. It can be broken down into many forms and categories - many of which are situational and/or deck specific or even game specific - but in it's purest form, card advantage means having cards in your hand and on the battlefield so that you have more game options and answers (more than your opponent). The simplest way to achieve this is by including cards in your deck that draw you more cards. Combine this with the practice of not overextending, another important gaming concept which means don't waste resources.

    For example, don't shrug your shoulders and cast yet another creature when you already have two out unless it's obvious it'll win you the game because she might cast Judgement Day on the next turn thereby generating card advantage for herself. And one must resist casting Lightning Bolt "just 'cuz you can" or have nothing else to play - hold onto it until you need it to kill a creature or until you can pressure or outright kill your opponent by targeting him.

    You could almost write a dissertation about card advantage but the above should get you off to a solid start. And as you continue to play, you will learn the finer points and nuances of card advantage. I should show this to my neighbor because he thinks playing creatures is how you win.



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