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    Default 2000 Classic bad deck?

    Hi all,

    Great forum - we have only been playing a week or so and find a lot of good posts here - saves me asking some dumb questions because someone has beaten me to it!

    We have started with the Classic (Series 6) starter pack - two sets of cards with instructions and a play through. However, one set of cards ALWAYS wins. We have tried swapping decks between us to make sure it is the cards not the players. One set is black/red the other is green/white/blue. The black/red always loses. Admittedly the decks are well short of 60 cards each, but is it a known problem with the starter packs? What is the best solution - ditch them and start again with another (bigger) set or try to add to these cards?

    It is difficult to work out what is wrong with the packs as we are so new to it, but it would seem that the green/white/blue set has a good number of flyers which the other pack is relatively defenceless to, at least to begin with. While the red/black deck has some powerful creatures/spells (e.g. 6 damage) you are usually dead before you can get to play them . The Blue deck even has a "flying" sorcery which helps deal a bit more damage to the defenceless black.

    If we decide to start again (with a pair of full decks) what would you recommend? I have read some bad reports about some of the so-called starter packs which makes me think they are not all that well chosen. We haven't a hope of putting our own together at the moment.

    Any advice would be welcome. At the moment we a considering giving up as it isn't much of a game at the moment. There is a lot to learn without having a biased deck. Sorry for the long first post.



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    Default Re: 2000 Classic bad deck?

    I suggest you try a Duel decks pack. Two full decks, 20 dollars. Cards that can actually help you learn maybe.



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