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    Default magic morph faq need help understading benefits of playing a card morphed

    Can someone explain what you gain from playing a card morph?

    in particular, am talking about this card:
    Towering Baloth

    If I do the math correctly, playing it normally would cost 6GG, while playing it using morph would cost you a total of 9G (Thats 2 more mana?)

    Only thing I can think of is that early on you dont have enough mana to cast if for full cost so you can cast it for morph cost and then you save a mana down the road (you can cast it at turn 7 instead of turn 8) but that also doesnt make much sense since for 4 turns it will be a weak 2/2 creature that can be easily killed, so why risk it?

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    Default Re: magic morph faq need help understading benefits of playing a card morphed

    It helps fill an important part of your curve. You may not have that eight mana ready, so being able to play it on turn three instead of turn eight makes a huge difference. Plus if you turn it face up on turn 7 you can attack with it then and there, whereas playing it regularly on turn 8 means you have to wait until turn 9 to attack - that's two turns you could be swinging for 7 damage in. Finally, playing it face down means your pponent doesn't know what it is. You could swing with two face-down creatures, they block the Baloth, then you turn the other face-up, revealing it to be something like Ebonblade Reaper - they just lost half their life, whereas had you played them face-up they could have easily blocked and killed the Reaper. Any information you hide from your opponent is good. Perhaps they have something like Voice of All. Without knowing what your face-down creature is, they won't know what colour to choose for it. Maybe they waste a removal spell on one face-down creature when another one was actually more threatening.

    There are many benefits to playing a creature face-down.
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