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    Default 2010 hot wheels list

    where can i find complete 2010 hot wheels list?

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    Default Re: 2010 hot wheels list


    Seriousy guys!!!!!I personally think this was a very crappy decade. And when I say things memorable things, I mean things that kids age 4-9 would remember. Like there are so many great things people remember from the 90s like fresh prince, rugrats, pinky and the brain, slap bracelets, light up sneakers, flurrys, pokemon, great disney movies, playing outside all day, ice ice baby, ending words with phsyche, talk to the hand, discovery zone, backstret boys, kenan and kel, doug, ren and stimpy, rocko's modern, anamaniacs, gargoyles, tom and jerry(bfore they talked), hey arnold, out of the box, face from Nick Jr. , family matters, saturday morning cartoons like reccess, reading goosebumps, rock paper scissors, miss mary mack, boom boxes, home vhs tapes, nintendo 64s, happy meals came in a box, WB, reading rainbow, wishbone, yoyos, eating warheads, the old batman and spiderman, ghost busters, ring pops, giga pets, the wild thornberry, rocket power, the original power rangers, beanie babies, silver dollars, 2 dollas bills, light up sneakers, cheap gas, hot wheels and legos, space jam, and the list goes on an on. Will children from the 2000 millenium be able to look back on this and find good things about it like the 90s kids can? Because I personally see nothing great about this decade that can compare to how great the 90s was for kids. NOTHING. And by the way i'm part 90s and part 2000s because i was born in 94. and I liked the 90s better. and yes i remember when I was just 1 years old. So don't say I'm not a 90s kid i will just ignore that dumb remark. Guys tell me what you think!!!!



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