An open invite to all Webstore members and want-a-bees

  1. Sheeny
    Welcome to all Webstore members and especially Webstore shoppers. Here we can discuss our items, our stores, and, a great and growing site.

    As most of us know, we ended up on Webstore for many different reasons. No need to go into them right now, just be glad you found the alternative auction site.

    As for now, I need to skip over to Webstore and extend invites to all the wonderful folks selling there now.

    Don't forget to swing on by and check out all the great deals.

    Online Auction, Free Webstore and more.
  2. katandron1
    I'm in Sheeny....will be checking back in a few after I get settled in.
  3. Sheeny
    Hello Kat, glad to have you aboard.
  4. katandron1
    Good early early morning WebStore group. I'm still up, have not even looked at my bed tonight. But will be getting there soon.

    Hope you all slept well, chat at ya tomorrow (today) sometime.
  5. Sheeny
    Welcome Mr T
  6. Sheeny
    Anyone get any snow last night?

  7. LindasFinds
    I'm here too after spending a long day posting and such.
  8. Sheeny
    Hello Linda, was wondering what you were up to. I added a picture of your books to your post.
  9. katandron1
    Sheeny, if we get snow like that here in Okieland,,,,,I'm movin!!! LOL
  10. Sheeny
    Had that sitting at Photobucket; don't know where it is or from.
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