An open invite to all Webstore members and want-a-bees

  1. LindasFinds
    Thanks Sheeny for posting that picture. I'm still getting the feel of things here and haven't quite figured everything out.
  2. Mr T
    Mr T
    Sheeny I'm all upset. LMHO No pic's added of any of my stuff. Nah just joking.
  3. LilacsNDreams
    Been signed up with webstore for a while, forgot about them, and going through notes & out...and found them again. I have slowly been working on getting around the site, and getting things set up. Just added google checkout to my store tonight...bit confused about it. But, anyway, Have a super weekend everyone!
  4. Sheeny
    Welcome to the group LilacsNDreams. I also just got into Google checkout and am waiting to see if I did it correctly.
  5. Treasures and Finds
    Treasures and Finds
    Hi y'yawl! I will start promo'ing my items and webstore soon, rl keeps jumping in. I have to go to our family site to respond to a second cousin once removed whose grandmother, my aunt just died, a complely unexpected event.
  6. Sheeny
    Welcome and sorry to hear about your aunt.
  7. katandron1
    Good Morning WebStore group, hope today finds you all well and warm. Going to try to get some promoting done today, have a great day all.
  8. Sheeny
    Great news. Please visit Power Sellers Unite and post your positive comments. According to PSU, if there is not enough activity, the forum will be removed.

    There are currently three threads, but the first appears to be locked. The other two are open as near as I can tell.

    You can also start a new thread within the Webstore subform. So let's take a few minutes to talk it up.

    Talk it up here.

    Remember, you will need to become a member at PSU in order to post.

    Thanks everyone.
  9. Treasures and Finds
    Treasures and Finds
    Hey, how is everyone? Where is everyone? Nobody even posting at home?
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