Old Vintage Labels and Tin Toys and Stuff

  1. jacklow
    I don't knoow about you guys but I have really gotten into the antique, vintage, retro bug. Ever since last fall and lasting through the winter I haven't found enough time to spend browsing through old collectible stuff. Whether it is tin toys, old labels or true antiques (those that are very expensive) I just can't seem to get enough. Thank goodness that garage sale season is here! Tomorrow I plan on spending the whole day looking for garage sales. It's kind of a fiendish pleasure of mine to find something at a garage sale that turns out to be worth more than I have to pay for it. Not even offset by the fact that most of the stuff will be worth much less than I pay for it.
    My passion is old labels but I will take whatever I might find. So let's hear from some of you out there about what your passion is and show us with some pictures of what you find.
    Good luck and good treasure hunting,
  2. jacklow
    Well, todays garage sell adventure was almost a bust. I awoke to a cold drizzley day. Not many garage sales out there today. We drove probably 100 miles and only found 3; the good news is I did find 3 very old bottles of varying sizes. One is an old cork top medicine bottle that is soaking in the kitchen sink now, I hope to clean it up and put an unused 1900's bluing label on it. I love the look on peoples faces when they ask how old they are and I say oh, maybe a 110 years old or so.
    The truth is they really are. I'll try to take a picture of it, when finished, and let you see what I'm talking about.
    Good treasure hunting to all,
  3. jacklow
    Well, today was a better day. This was a nice day to garage sale. Found quite a bit of stuff. Not quite sure what the wife is going to do with that Big Pink Pig but I'm sure she'll find a use for it. A couple of collectible avon things, some crystal, some triple plated silver, a 5 gallon plastic bucket full of old glass bottles, 1 pair of croc knock offs, some china floral vases and a couple of old cell phones that are charging up so the grandchildren can play with them.
    Surely some of you folks are finding things also so let's hear about them.
    Tomorrow is forecast to be 70 degrees and sunny so just try to guess what I'll be doing.
    Good luck and happy treasure hunting,
  4. sweetsugarbunny
    Hi Jacklow...sounds like you had a good spring of hunting. I don't know why I collect either, but it started with vintage nightgowns. Oy! So, now it's spread to lamps, trinkets, other clothes, etc. I hear ya though. That was sweet of you to think of your grandchildren while on the hunt. I have to restrain myself all the time because what I think is awesome and what my sons think is awesome are very different. ha ha. Such as it is I suppose. That said, your purchase was perfect!
  5. Collect
    Hi, my name is Collect, and yes, I do collect. Here's one worth $145 if mint
  6. bchaflingers
    Collecting is quite the high when you find something special. I used to collect early American Pottery but don't find much that's affordable any more. I love garage sales and the thrill of the hunt. HAPPY COLLECTING AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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