POKENAME GAME!!! (Group only post)

  1. nobody679
    *Note: this is Group only naming, there is another one in the pokemon center,
    in case anyone needs privacy.
    **Note: Originally taken from Halolz.com here is the link for the Pokename page [LINK].
    Looking for a way to pass time on a long car trips or subway rides?
    might I suggest the POKENAME GAME
    a simple word game that's more fun than actually playing pokemon. here how it works:

    1. Pick up a type of pokemon, it can be an existing one or make up your own.
    e.g.: a Wizard type.

    2. Pick a species or inanimate object , whatever float your pokeboat, dude.
    e.g.: a bear pokemon

    3. Name it, you get bonus point if you name it evolved form.
    + if you have a paper draw it!
    the best part? you just saved your self 40+ hours walking through tall grass
    + every one is a winner ^^.

    *warning: if you didn't understand please visit the link that has been given to you.
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