Introductions and Talky Type Things!

  1. Mew93
    Yeah, Togepi, i read that fight, it's actually the reason i found these forums! :P
    What group?
    And also, what happened to people sharing funny/remarkable stories? :O
  2. nobody679
    and i have the same reason
  3. ninjawarrior8
    hahahahahaha my favorite pokemon is all of them but really my top five are mew, lugia, rayquaza, cindyquil, and quilava O_O YEH GO POKEMON ROFLMAO
  4. nobody679
    who is stronger mew or mewtwo?
  5. Mew93
    Mew is obviously stronger than Mewtwo, as evidenced by how much he pounded Mewtwo in the first movie. Duh.

    And ha, Ninja, is one of your top fives really Mew? Rock on
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