Favorite game

  1. BlackDS
    Heres a fun little game, lets try to guess the favorite game of someone. Heres how It goes:
    I will post 1 clue
    Some people will guess it (you are allowed 1 guess per hint)
    I will post a more specific clue
    whoever gets it right first will give the next set of clues.

    Its on the DS
  2. Baelog
    Pokemon Platinum? (Since many people on this board seem to like this game)
  3. BlackDS
    No no no and no.
    I absolutely despise pokemon.
    To me, the pokemon forum is like a giant cancerous tumor that needs surgically removed from the site....maybe a little harsh there, oh well.
  4. Jaws0178
    Metroid Prime: Hunters
  5. Sarge9200
    thats all the hint we get? lol helpful
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