r u still there

  1. jacklow
    Hello all, just joined the group, see there aren't any posts since February is everyone o.k.?
  2. blarney_stone
    Hi Jack, Welcome!!

    I haven't been super active, with my Web Site, Bonanzle store, Antique Store.... well you get it... LOL.

    I am Blarney_stone at Bonanzle. Right now, I have just over 1200 items listed, and all of a sudden those numbers are going down sort of fast. (sales) Yeaaaahhhh!!!

    I carry General Merchandise - Primarily on the Antique and Collectible side.

    Thanks for Joining,

    I will Post a message in the Bonz forums later today to see if we can get some new activity here again!!

    So >>>

    Welcome, and lets see if we can get the place hopping again... after all>>> The Bay just got their own Sub-Forum.

    Have a great day!!

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