Slow going? How's biz after Christmas?

  1. Vintage Values
    Vintage Values
    I sold a fair amount between Nov 1st and Dec 15th - then, zilch.

    Too much effort to get attributes in; tried to bulk edit them in, and after hitting save NOTHING - so I've sort of lost the faith.

    Anyone else looking for a Bz alternative after choosing Bz as a non-eBay alternative???
  2. blarney_stone
    Hi! If you saved and see nothing in your listing, you most likely did it right. If you see anything, in your listings, the syntax was probably wrong, and would not have helped your views.
  3. misha761
    Hi, Everyone

    Sales have been non-exsitant for me almost from day one. I've bought several things, done the twitter and facebook thing and nothing. Very discouraging. At the same time, I've sold lots on ebay. Sure would like to find somewhere that fees are reasonable.

    Meanwhile, I've found another site, that for the time being is free. At some point, down the road, they plan to charge a small fee. I really like the site. It's easy to import your ebay listings, listing page is clean and fast. Facebook and twitter plus other networks, free storefront, blogs and a bunch of other neat things. Here is a link to my storefront; take a look.

    Addoway - catsmom's Storefront
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