Got Here via Bonanzle...Great Find!

  1. Marlin114
    Hello Fellow Bonanzlers!
    I found the link to on a Bonz Forum page and after looking around here a bit, I became a member. This looks like a very nice and interesting place to spend some time when I'm not Bonanzling.

    So glad to have found other Bonanzle Members here!


    My Bonanzle Booth Eclectic Avenue at Bonanzle - DVDs & Movies, VHS, Clothing, Sho...
  2. Purple Iris
    Purple Iris
    Hey Linda and our Fellow Bonanzlers!

    I, too, just found the link to this place in a Bonz forum post, so became a member as well! When I have more time, I'll go poking around more and participating. I did manage to get my profile and stuff set up, though.

    So, I'll see you around!

    Nicole (Purple Iris)
  3. blarney_stone
    Hi Linda, and Nicole!

    Welcome, I have found the Grand Bazaar as a great advertising tool, with lost of views. Thanks for joining.

    Happy New Year!

    Terri ( blarney_stone )
  4. coolgrammy6
    Hi: Just joined the Grand Bazaar. Still learning my way around. Will investigate more when I'm not busy with Bonanza.
  5. Miscetal
    Hi - I've posted several times on RG, but somehow never figured out there was a Bonanzle/Bonanza group.

    I am SO motivated to move Christmas china and tableware from my booth, Practica's Reprise (sing it again, eh?) and have both vintage and contemporary wares.

    Low traffic on the site and also a sudden slowing of views on the EvilBrother since October have me in the doldrums. I financed Christmas travel for my family last year - but this year we'' stay closer to our own couch.

    Send me your buyer leads, and your requests for tags of whatever I can do to help you move your own inventory.
  6. blarney_stone
    Welcome coolgrammy6 and Miscetal !! I too am trying to keep things moving on Bonanza. IAs the Group owner, I try to pop in every few days. Sometimes I just plain Forget... Argh!! Too many places to be.

    I like the activity here, and a lot of people look at the Grand Bazaar. So... I do post there regularly. Also... You can put photos up there, so a great place to do a little more cross-promotion. Poke around and use the free site. ALSO:: Have Fun!!
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