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  1. Alienai
    New Items as well as used. Ai love to barter and trade, so stop by and say Hello and see whats happening! alienai's booth at Bonanzle - Jewelry & Watches, Collectibles, ...
    Ai create jewelry. Living on the shores of Lake Superior near the Red Cliff Reservation, gives me many inspirations in my creations. Ai do lots in Metaphysical stones and believe in their values.
    Lake Superior Inspirations are made with stones found along the shores of this Great Lake.
    Ai have also consigned to make items with others stones or items for a "One Of A Kind" piece!
    Ai have many items that would make great gifts as well. Unisex items too! Ai am always adding new items to the booth!

  2. Alienai
    BOOKS ADDED, Low Prices, and 99% ship for $3.99! (Insurance is extra)

    Be on the look out for more additions to the booth!

    alienai's booth at Bonanzle - Jewelry & Watches, Collectibles, ...
  3. Alienai
    Another day of posting and organizing..or is it the other way around??? Stop by and say hello, never know whats in the store now!

    What Happy People Know: BOOK-Hardcover - Bayfield - Bonanzle THIS BOOK HAS SOLD 1/17/2010

    New books have been added as well! 1/19/2010
  4. stuffyouneed
    Hi Alienai! I'll come visit you. Have a great Thanksgiving!
  5. Alienai
    217 items listed for Sale as of today!
    34% Off Sale - December 6th 2009 at 7am - 10am PST
    Shop for great Gift items!
    Stop by and make your lists now! There will be TONS of Sellers and Buyers on Bonanzle Dec 6th for the BIG HOLIDAY BLOCK PARTY!
    AlienAi hopes to see some of you there this coming weekend!

    Just one of the many items posted for 34% off on Sales Day!!


    Many other items as well! Bookmarks make great Gifts!

    Low Prices, Handmade Jewelry and Bookmarks, Metaphysical items as well as many with Free Shipping! CHECK US OUT!!!
  6. Alienai
    alienai's booth at Bonanzle - Jewelry & Watches, Books, Mixed M...

    Adding more and more items daily. Stop in and check us out. Mention where you saw us at!!

    Also added Bracelets!! Silver, Gems, many to choose from, many $10 with only $1.00 shipping!!
    Inexpensive gifts for Valentines day as well!! Can't go wrong with these wonderful prices.
  7. Alienai
    Things are moving at the booth! Adding things daily, and shipping out as well! What a great month its been. Stop by now to see whats new, you never know!

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