Very nice collector item

Beautiful, working, 1930's Zenith wood tube radio. This set is a model 5S-319 and dates to 1939. Very nice, original finish. Great period styling, dominated by the elegant, central, oversized Zenith racetrack oval signature dial. It is one of the golden age of radio's prettiest dials. Original ivory pushbuttons and knobs, knob felts (behind the knobs), and glass dial lens. The grille cloth is a reproduction cloth. The dial scale is excellent, missing no characters or figures, the photos show a reflection in the dial glass, not allowing you to see the entire dial scale. The brass dial surround/frame has been left in it's original paetina. The set never had a cardboard back and therefore doesn't now. The set plays loudly, clearly with good tone, no hum- on all both bands. It has the usual AM/broadcast band, as well as a shortwave band featuring the international broadcasters. Just tonight, I heard Russia, China, Japan, Cuba, Spain, Germany, Holland, and Canada. The set features pushbutton tuning (in addition to the usual dial tuning), so you can zip to your favorite stations. They function quietly and smoothly. Has good, safe, power cord, and working dial lights- it has two. The radio is 12 inches wide, 8 deep and 8 1/2 inches high. All radios sold have had preventative electrical maintainence, so that they perform as well in the foreseeable they do when you first get them. I stand behind the components I've repaired, parts and labor- for 90 days. After that- free labor for 6 months. Why would you bother with someone who says they've "restored" the radio and then tell you you are buying "as is"? The insides of my radios are given the same attention as the outsides.
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