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LOT OF 30 RARE ROCK CDS indie,new punk, no barcodes? ?? - eBay (item 330354800520 end time Aug-31-09 12:22:59 PDT)

30 CDS including:

No barcode, local self-made releases:

40K – 40K (This Speaks For Itself) (1998 Chicago rock Band)

Big’Uns, The - 1½ Size (1998 Ska, punk rock & rap fusion band)

Da Bone Tones – Da Bone Tones (1996 Funk rock band from somewhere in Florida

Da Pimps – Da Pimps (1996 Newport Beach California punk rock rap outfit)

Done Deal – What We’re Missin’ (1996 Pennsylvania based rock band)

Doughboy – Welcome To The Tribe (1999 Acoustic solo singer w/ band)

Frey – Doin’ Shotz – Live (1996 Rock Band)

Jus Luv – Just Luv (1993 Southern Cali rock band with a pop-punk influence)

Long Beach Dub Allstars –Trailer Ras (1999 ska-punk, an exemption, major label promo)

M-Johnnie – Unauthorized Assumptions (1994 southern cali artist. Soft rock &pop)

Mcspix – Brave (1994 hard rock band from New Jersey)

Mean Green – Session (1997 very talented funky rock duo out of Virginia)

Neveragain – Neveragain (1999-2000, Punk band, sorta influence Blink 182, Weezer, NOFX)

Psychodrama – Psychodrama (1999 singer/producer duo alternative styles, such as Portishead, Massive Attack. Well produced album)

U-Sed-U-Nu – Borrowed Money (1992 rock band from Pennsylvania)

V/A – WBCN 104.1 present Playaz N’ Hustlaz (2002 an excellent local radio showcase compilation including lesser & well known indie artists such as Soul Hooligan, Abandoned Fools, Ash, Riddlin’ Kids, Hatebreed, 30 Seconds To Mars, The Kickovers, Local H, Deadsy, Default, Jerry Cantrell & more. Enhanced CD)

UPC barcode, professionally pressed (or for us to believe so) indie releases, most local:

A.S.A. – The Celebrity E.P. (1996 Rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah)

Boondocks – Figure Eight (1997 Rock band from Baltimore)

Coleman Underground, The – The Big Get Even (1996 Rock band, 80’s influence)

Daddy – Back To The Mothership (Heavy Rock Band)

David Isaacs – Timebomb (2000 rock solo artist.)

Deuce – Tipparillo (1998 acoustic rock duo from Northern California)

Hualin’ Ass – Ain’t Nothing Like A Town With A Prison (1996 California punk rock band)

I.Q. And The Mob – Sundown (2000 los angeles rock band)

Luh-Nay – Zamboni Man (1997 Boulder Colorado rock artist)

Mr. Lucky – 12’s (1992 Rock band from Columbus Ohio

Proskuneo – Return To Serenity (2001 Rock solo artist)

Slack – Nail Somethin’ Down (Live At The Blue Note) (1998 Colorado rock band with a lot of funk soul jazz)

Stattica – Stattica (2003 Rock band)

Think Twice – One Solution (2000 California Rock band)