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Vintage book lot Mystery Ellery Queen FIRST EDITION 1st - eBay (item 130281332188 end time Feb-12-09 18:08:18 PST)

Benson, Ben. The Silver Cobweb - a Ralf Lindsey Mystery. Mill-Morrow, 1955 jacket by Hedley Rainnie

Hitchens, Dolores. Stairway to an Empty Room. Doubleday, 1956

Levin, Ira. A kiss Before Dying. Simon & Schuster, 1953 jacket by H Lawrence Hoffman

Daventry, Leonard. A Man of Double Deed. Doubleday,1965 jacket by Al Nagy

Stout, Rex. And Four to GO - a Nero Wolfe Foursome. Viking, 1958 jacket by Bill English

Carr, John Dickson. Patrick Butler For the Defence. Harper, 1956 jacket design by Rus Anderson

Masur, Harold Q. Send Another Hearse - Scott Jordan. Random House,1960

Coxe, George Harmon. Murder on their Minds. Alfred A Knopf, 1957 jacket by Arthur Hawkins Jr

Marric, J J. Gideon's Fire. Harper, 1961 jacket by Elliott Flagg

Queen, Ellery. Inspector Queen's Own Case. Simon & Schuster, 1956 jacket by Bob Cato

Palmer, Stuart. Unhappy Hooligan. Harper, 1956. jacket by Tony Palladino

Stout, Rex. Please Pass the Guilt - a Nero Wolfe novel. Viking, 1973 jacket by Abner Graboff

Hitchens, Bert & Dolores. One Way Ticket. Doubleday, 1956 jacket by Tony Palladino

Ellin, Stanley. The Eighth Circle. Random House, 1958 jacket by Leo Manson

Armstron, Charlotte. Catch as Catch Can. Cowar McCann, 1952

Coxe, George Harmon. The Last Comandment. Alfred A Knopf, 1960 jacket by Arthur Hawkins

Fenisong, Ruth. Miscast For Murder. Doubleday, 1954 jacket by Lotte Jacobi

Benson, Ben. The Venus Death. Mill & Morrow, 1953 jacket by Isabel Dawson

Lockridge, Frances & Richard. And Left For Dead. Lippincott, 1961 jacket by Arthur Hawkins

Roth, Holly. The Mask of Glass. Vanguard, 1954

Wentworth, Patricia. The Alington Inheritance - a Miss Silver Story. Lippincott, 1958 jacket by Robert Crowther

Allingham, Margery. Tether's End. Doubleday, 1958 jacket by Claus Hoie

Williams, Charles. The Sailcloth Shroud. Viking, 1960 jacket by Bill English

Lockridge, Frances & Richard. The Long Skeleton. Lippincott, 1958 jacket by Robert Hallcock

Queen, Ellery. The Origine of Evil. Little Brown, 1951 jacket by Samuel Bryant

Benson, Ben. Seven Steps East. Mill Morrow, 1959 jacket by Lawrence Hoffman

Dibner, Martin. The Admiral. Doubleday, 1967 jacket by Martin Dibner

Fleming, Ian. Casino Royal - A James Bond Novel. Macmillan, 1953

Beaty, David. The Four Winds. Morrow, 1954 jacket by Hedley Rainnie

Powell, Richard. Tickets to the Devil. Scribner, 1968

Bonett, John & Emery. No Grave For A Lady. Doubleday, 1959 jacket by Remy Charlip

Allen, Ralph. Peace River Country. Doubleday, 1958 jacket by Claus Hoie

Creasey, John. The Trouble at Saxby's. Harper 1959 jacket by Elliott Flagg
Vintage book lot Mystery Ellery Queen FIRST EDITION 1st - eBay (item 130281332188 end time Feb-12-09 18:08:18 PST)