Spotted on Ebay: Big lot of action figures

Mars Attack Martian Supreme Commander
Mars Attack Supreme Martian Ambassador
Wild Cats Giant Grifter Collector's Editon No. 007428
Wild Cats Pike
Wild Cats Void
Wild Cats Daemonite
Wild Cats Voodoo
Hercules The Legendary Journeys Xena Warrior Princess Weaponry
Star Trek Barbie and Ken
Star Trek Generations Dr. Soran
Star Trek The Next Generation Cadet Wesley Crusher
Star Trek The Next Generation Guinan
Headliners Orlando Magic Horace Grant
Headliners Cal Ripken Jr
Headliners Mike Piazza
The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King Electronic Talking Gollum with interchangeable Gollum/Smeagol Heads
Marvel SuperHeroes Fantastic Four Invisible Woman 1994
Twisted Land of Oz Dorothy
Jim Henson's Muppets Statler
Jim Henson's Muppets Waldorf
Spawn The Movie - Spawn
Spawn The Movie - Burnt Spawn
Spawn The Movie - Jessica Priest
Spawn The Movie - Clown
Todd McFarlane's Spawn Violator II
Todd McFarlane's Spawn Gate Keeper
Todd McFarlane's Spawn Grave Digger
Curse of the Spawn Jessica Priest and Mr. Obersmith
Aliens Wild Boar Alien with Hidden Power Attack Spikes
Aliens Bull Alien wit Face Hugger
Aliens Scorpion Alien With Face Hugger
Lost in Space Cryo-suit Dr. Judy Robinson
Starting Lineup 1995 Bob Corkum
Starting Lineup 1995 Scottie Pippen
Starting Lineup 1996 Barry Sanders
McFarlane Action Figures of NFL Cedric Benson
McFarlane Action Figures of NBA LeBron James 2nd Edition
Shaq Attack All-Star Shaq 1993
Disney Pixar Wall-e Eve
Disney Pixar Wall-e Wall-e
Disney Chicken Little
Disney's Hercules Zeus and Baby Pegasus
Hot Wheels Home Improvement
Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt 1 of 12 56 Flashsider
Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt 8 of 12 Ferrari 355 (open packaged)
McFarlane's Monsters Dracula Playset
McFarlane's Monsters Hunchback Playset
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