Spotted on Ebay: 10 Wargame/RPG lot

Panzer Leader / Avalon Hill: Box in good condition with little wear. Many pieces are unpunched and still attached to the original card.
Kriegspiel / Avalon Hill: All pieces appear to be intact (including original die). Very nice AH catalog included with many inserts also. Box condition is tight with no real splits.
The China War / SPI: Nice / clean box and inserts. Map in really good condition. Punched pieces collected into bags.
Traveller / Game Designer's Workshop: Not sure if all the items are here for this one. Included is a Red / Black booklet titled "Understanding Traveller", a booklet, page and map referring to "Mission on Mithril" and a GDW order sheet. Box is in nice condition with good corners.
Boat Wars / Steve Jackson Games: Includes manual, 4 really clean maps and a sheet of uncut playing pieces. Everything looks great.
Car Wars Tanks / Steve Jackson Games: This looks unplayed, uncut playing pieces and really nice manual & maps. Nice box and components.
Hacker / Steve Jackson Games: This looks unplayed, unpunched playing pieces, dice in bag and really nice manual & cards. Nice box and components.
Blitzkrieg / Avalon Hill: Very Nice. About have the pieces are punched and kept in bags. Other half still on original cards. Includes AH catalog. Boards really nice and clean.
Midway / Avalon Hill: This game looks to have gotten some serious play time but all the pieces look to be religously kept in a multitude of bags. Split in one of the box corners. Overall still in really nice, play ready condition.

Afrika Korps / Avalon Hill: Seems to have all original items (including reg card). Pieces punched and in bags. Box a little worn but not horrible. Some tape on one corner.
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