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    Dice Guidelines for posting in the Grand Bazaar forum

    The Grand Bazaar forum is to promote any collectibles you are selling on other websites, or to link to interesting finds you happened to run across.

    To give everybody a fair share of exposure, you may only "bump" your existing threads once per day. You may have up to 4 active threads at a time (active means that you are bumping the thread rather than letting it sink down)

    *** "Bump" means replying to your own thread to make it go back to the top of the forum.

    The following threads are OK:

    Link to your collectible items listed on eBay, Bonanza, Delcampe, GameGavel, Amazon, or any other online marketplaces.
    Link to your collectibles ebay store, Bonanzle Booth or any other online store.
    Link to a trading thread on another website in which you are selling/trading collectibles.
    Link to listings of interesting collectibles (even if they are not yours)

    The following threads are NOT OK:

    Affiliate links.
    Links to websites displaying adult content.
    Links to websites displaying illegal content or engaging in illegal activity, including pirated downloads.
    Links to casino or gambling websites.
    Links to pyramid schemes.
    Links to firearms related items.
    Links to any items that have no collectible value such as groceries, concert tickets, cleaning supplies etc. This website is about collectibles. staff has the final say on whether your thread is of general interest to the community, and may edit, close, or remove any threads that are deemed inappropriate for any reason.
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