Fairchild Channel F - System with games spotted on Ebay

Fairchild Channel F system II (not working properly)
Original Box
Original RCA-RCA cable with a Coax adapter for easy connection to modern TVs
Original Power Supply
All of the game cartridges are NTSC format and have been tested to work perfectly. Games boxes have seen better days and are in generally poor condition. Below is a list of the games included in this auction please read carefully so you know what you are bidding on:

Videocart #1 (game and box only)
Videocart #2 (box only)
Videocart #3 (game and box only)
Videocart #4 (cart only)
Videocart #5 (Complete!)
Videocart #8 (box and manual only)
Videocart #9 (Complete!)
Videocart #10 (box only)
Videocart #12 (Complete!)
Fairchild Channel F - System & Many Games!! - eBay (item 310121228018 end time Feb-14-09 10:45:41 PST)