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    Default Is global agenda considered an MMO?

    Is global agenda considered an MMO or what

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    Default Re: Is global agenda considered an MMO?

    From the official faq:

    Hi-Rez Studios :: Global Agenda: The Game - FAQs

    Is Global Agenda a multi-player team-based shooter, an MMO, an MMOFPS? What do you call this thing?
    I've heard that Global Agenda has a lot of instancing and relatively small battles. Is the game a "real" MMO?

    Global Agenda's unique fusion of shooter-based action, role-playing mechanics, and grand territorial strategy gameplay can make the game difficult to easily pigeonhole into a "classic" game genre. At Hi-Rez Studios, our number one objective is to bring a fresh, fun game to market -- not necessarily to fit neatly into an existing category.

    Overall, we consider the game to be an Action-based Shooter MMO. The game offers the fluid gameplay mechanics of a multi-player shooter, with elements of character progression, territory control and economy drawn from the MMO genre. The gameplay includes both player-vs-evironment and player-vs-player content, but all of it is fast-paced and highly engaging and designed to get you into the action quickly, while forever learning to master new skills.

    For fans of the shooter genre, we believe that if you multi-player shooters, but yearn for the battles to have more meaning, Global Agenda is a game to consider.

    Likewise, for fans of the MMO genre, we believe that players that love MMO's but are looking for faster-action combat, and No Elves will find Global Agenda a breath of fresh air.

    All gameplay is off of developer run servers (the server architecture is **NOT** peer-to-peer like some other shooter MMOs, which we believe ensures that Global Agenda provides a better and more consistent player experience).

    Players can choose to play the game more casually, buying the game through a one-time purchase and accessing a wide set of features that allow you to team with your friends and compete in mercenary missions. Or, for an additional subscription (called Global Agenda : Conquest), you can group in player-run Agencies (our version of guilds or clans) and participate in our Alliance vs Alliance Campaign for persistent territory control.

    The chart below shows which features are available after a One-Time Purchase at no additional costs, at which features require a subscription. The current subscription costs are also shown.



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