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    Default 1926 Schick Type A Single Edge Razor

    1926 Schick Type A Single Edge Razor
    http://youtu.be/IiLBxaCQkVA … More Pictures

    (1926-1927): Cylindrical body with folding head:

    The razor is Bright and Shiny, the body of this great collectible razor is aluminum and the head of the razor is brass, there is a Miniscule amount of vintage Ware… Please see the pictures. I have opened the pull knob on the bottom of the razor and it slides in and out easily as it should. I would assume that the new owner would want to clean the razor themselves even though the razor has already been cleaned and soaked in Barbasol, a Very Nice Razor in Very Good Condition. Also the razor has been Hand Polished and looks Fantastic.

    The razors Magazine holds 20 single edge blades. The predecessor to the Schick injector razor, the Schick Magazine repeater had the blades loaded in a magazine in the handle. To load a new blade, just pull back the magazine and push. It will grab a fresh blade from inside the handle and push out the used one in a quick easy motion.

    The repeating razor was the forerunner of the injector that we now know. It held the blades in the handle and had an interesting reloading mechanism. To change the blade, one would turn the shaving head (so it aligned with the handle) and cycle the base of the handle (a small "knob") back and forth. Also included is a collectible new old stock box of Schick injector blades, in very good condition. Just a little added item for your collection, Not to be used with this razor!

    Type A
    Manufacturer: Schick
    Dates in Production: 1926-1927
    Type: Magazine Repeating Razor
    Description: Metal tube-like handle with a vented cap

    Notes of Interest: The very first razor made by The Magazine Repeating Razor Co.

    Price $95.00
    Shipping $5.60 USA
    Shipping Worldwide $12.75

    iOffer Stores - RICHARDS RAZORS

    Terms of Sale:

    Forms of Payment: PayPal, Amazon, Stripe

    Shipping: 1-2 Day Handling Time, USPS First Class Mail with Tracking Number. International buyers pay according to location.



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