hello fellow collectors
as a kid i had a great fascination with mega man i loved the NES titles so granted me being me ive been on a galactic hunt for the set of six. ebay prices annoy me, yea i could drop a few extra bucks and click the buy it now button or just snipe out a auction but as a long time collector, flea marketteer, and barterer i would rather deal with a genuine collector and get a decent deal! I am currently looking for:

Mega man 1 (nes)
Mega man 4 (nes)
Mega man 5 (nes)

any boxes or manuals for any of the NES mega man titles for the eventual goal of having the six complete one day!

also megaman x2, megaman x3 for the snes not a priority but hey def titles i would love to own

i would like to get these for less than 15 bucks a cart, maybe thats wishful thinking but unlike ebay we all share the since that we are all collectors not RESELLERS, and collectors are always looking for items of there own. i have lots to trade just reply or message me. from one hard core collector to another "HELP ME"

Message me for anything retro Mega man!!!