When doing quets for the New dragon, there is an easy way to get the dragon to drop in a matter of seconds! For the first part, after disabling the field around him, try to have as many wizards spam AoE spells on him, but! do this on intervals of 2-3 seconds, and they instantly stack on him, then just get a tank to run around and repeat! easy drop of dragon!


The following walk-through (from the official boards) might be helpful for those who aren't that far yet:

The dragon is the final part of a quest line called Vault of Night. This quest is 6 parts. Parts 5 and 6 are raid and 6 is the actual dragon part. You get the quest in House K if you go to the top of the newly open area and go behind the bank on top of the pyrimd and talk to a NPC named Barrow. He then sends you down to the ever full tavern to talk to an NPC in there that starts you out on the actual steps.

Part one is right inside the tavern. You go out the "backdoor" to head down to an arena. This is a pretty fun step and not to difficult (although the troll boss has been proving to be a bit more difficult lately). Basicly you fight your way down and dispatch a troll team to take their place in fighting in a deathmatch style arena. The DM commentary is pretty amusing and as I said this is a pretty fun quest...if only they let you keep the axe at the end of it droool.

The second part is also in House K and is a bit more interesting...you basicly end up going into a NPC's mind to find out what is harming her. This one is a bit tricker and if its your first run through it and don't have anyone with you to help guide you, you will probably end up repeating it a few times. You do not want to fall off in this step if any member of your party does you fail and have to restart it. You will face a few beholders, a big giant, and some other surpises. Not a bad quest once you get the hang of it but can be fustrating after a few failures...just take your time and move slowly.

The third part is probably the worse of the bunch. You have to make your way through a heavily infested jungle full of trolls before you even get to the actual quest. Kill a few more trolls to open a barrier then you can enter the actual instance. Once inside you will face many drow, beholders, some more trolls, a trio that have been nicknamed the 3 stooges by most then finally fight a Marut. It is a very long quest, a very risky quest. Expect a wipe or two if things go wrong or if your with a group that is not familuar with it. Oh by the way a wipe or recall means you get to work your way back through all the trolls again...fun fun. Long quest but very good exp if you make it.

Fourth part is right outside the tavern again and is not to bad of a quest. Again first runs through maybe a bit rough to learn the ins and outs but over all its not to hard of a quest and fairly fun. You get to fight many warforged and mithril dogs along with some golums. Oh and the end part you only have so much time to get out before your whole party dies. Few traps and a jumping obsticle and a puzzle that can be irritating till you figure it out.

Then once you have 1-4 done you get to form up a raid group to go into VoN5. All members of the raid must have 1-4 completed. There are no shrines either and is a fairly long quest. Usually healers/nukers end up recalling out at several points to regen and re-enter. You have to decide what members of your parties are going to get which items from NPC's inside...a shield that helps against lightning attacks (lots of them in this one), some dwarf bane arrows, and wands to cure a really nasty posion that will kill you fast if you don't remove it. One person will get the voice to interface with all the talking heads. There are a couple times in which your raid party will be divided up and head off to accomplish two different tasks at the same time. You WILL need 2 strenght users (must have 25 str or better) and two Inteligence users (wizards again 25 int or better) to clear one part. Rogue will be very handy if not neccessary since there are a few really really really nasty trap sequences to deal with. A couple people will be left stranded in one part to flip a couple levers and there is a fairly large floor puzzle to figure out. Then you finally get to the end boss. Huge golum with some dog friends that you will need to figure out how to fight (there is a trick to it that makes it easy). Again no shrines so you will want most of your raid to recall out, repair, restock, regen before going onto the final boss in VoN5. Then have your healers/nukers on EXTREME mana control because once you start the boss encounter a door closes that WILL NOT reopen. If you recall out your out of the fight and miss the dragon step.

Finally you get through VoN1-4 and finish VoN 5 and now you can head into VoN6...the dragon fight. By the way...no shrine in the dragon fight either. You go in and see the dragon and as you move around you will see 3 islands surrounding the main island with the dragon. Each of the side islands have a pillar that you will need to knock down. Oh and there are mob spawns at the pillars...if you kill them they respawn so you need to figure out how to deal with them. Also all 3 pillars must go down within 10 seconds of each other or they full regen. So you have to figure out how to avoid the dragon fire balls (if you dont have high reflex saves its going to hurt), deal with the pillar spawn agro and manage them somehow, take the pillars all dow at the same time...then finally a force barrier drops and you can now go out to the dragon island. You finally make it you step up on the island to face the red dragon but watch out...she wing buffets (wind storm that will throw you off her island) and has a really nasty fire breath and spawns adds on your party. IF you fall off or get blown off the island you get a nice long fall back to the market place and your out of the fight because theres no way back.

Should you be victorious the leader of the raid gets two gliphs. Only the people that have the gliphs can actually get loot out of the dragon chest (there is a normal loot chest there as well that is hit or miss junk or something half way decent). Dragon loot binds when aquired so only the two people with gliphs get items and they can not trade them. The leader is the only one that can pick up the gliphs and pass them on to whoever will get dragon loot. Once you complete you can not run the adventure again for 2 days 18 hours or so...then you have to start back and do VoN 1-4 again, form raid to do 5 and 6.

Its an intresting run, difficult in some parts, loot is not the best, exp is okay for a couple parts but its more for the effect of seeing the dragon.


My own dragon fight walk-through:

This is a FOOL PROOF WAY and it ALWAYS works. In the last 4 weeks I have killed the dragon on EVERY run on everyone of my characters(3 level 10's), in Vault of Night 6. This is REALLY easy and I can almost gaurentee that a very small amount of the population know about this.

First get your basic dragon setup, but a little different, your going to want 3 res clerics, and 3-4 Sorc/Wizards with about 750mana for wizards and over 1000 on a sorc. Also helps if the Clerics have DV's.

As soon as you enter VoN6, send your Casters up to the Dragon gate 1 at a time. Once up there have them do a /death. This is the cool part. Send a cleric up there and have that cleric drop their soulstones behind the Plasma Gate that drops once all the pillers are down. Now after all the soulstones are behind the plasma gate, have the cleric send res to the casters one at a time, after they get their rez, make sure they run away from their stone and warp back to their stones ON THE OTHER SIDE of the gate, then accept the rez. Get all the casters on that side. This shoudlent take more then 2 mins TOPS. After that, just have the wizards go hide behind the rock on the left side.Put 2 people SECOND base so the dragon will shoot fireballs at 2nd base.

Now the wizards start Nuking the dragon with all the magic missiles they got. It takes about 2-4 mins to drain him all the way down. You cannot kill him until the pillers are down mind you. Now start pulling the pillers. Get your pilelrs down how ever you please. After the dragon is down to 0 life you should have around 35 mins left, or more, if not your doing things to slow. After all your pillers are down, he will die from 1 damage. So after the pillers are down, have 1 caster spam a MM at him/her and the dragon dies. Just remember that the aggro MUST be on 2nd base, this keeps her aggro off the casters on the inside. Once again I say, this is a FOOL PROOF way. No one needs to be sacraficed, no one needs to be buffeted off. Thanks to this method Each of my 3 characters have a few peices of dragon loot.