hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone can tell me the value of the braniff blue hostess pj's. they are blue but seem to have a pinkish tint to them. a collector told me she thought they were supposed to be that way. they appear to be in great shape but i don't know too much about barbie things. i'm listing things on ebay but it's hard when you don't know how much to start bids at. i am in the process of listing the braniff green pillbox hat and i thought i'd start at $20 and see if it gets any hits. i have the pink one too and i also have the yellow and pink braniff pucino serving dress. this one looks great too except it looks like the hem fell and someone tacked it back up. i don't know what to list any of these for. someone just won the braniff raspberry dress for $30 something dollars and i was shocked to learn that it was worth much more. i had not listed it as braniff because i didn't have a clue that some of these clothes were so valuable. anyway, if you could give me the values of these i'd appreciate it.
sincere thanks, sue