Hi folks,

I'm in need of help. I had a doll house when I was younger, but it was given away when my family moved and I can't find one like it anywhere.

It was purchased in October/November 2000, so it would have been manufactured around that time -- by Mattel. It was a light blue with a light brown roof. Two fold out "panels" -- one became the kitchen table, which was yellow and stowed by popping into the window, and the other panel became the bedroom. The bed was yellow and lifted up to become a tub. There was a rotating portion in the middle of the house -- kitchen on one side and living room on the other. The whole thing was primarily done in blues, yellows, and browns.

It came with sounds. The microwave beeped and the phone rang. The battery container was on the rotating portion of the house, on the side. It was quite compact and only one story.

I don't remember the name of the model, but it was manufactured in the style of the "Lightup Dining Room" that was made in 1999, in terms of the box design.

This is all the information about this house. If you know what the model is called or even a model number, or where I can purchase one, please contact me! I have been looking for this house for over 2 years, and I would appreciate ANY help I can get.

Thank you!