We all did it when we were younger, or at least most of the girls did. We dressed Barbie. And even if we didnít dress the Barbie brand, we still had some sort of doll to play with and dress. And everyone picked their own styles and their own fashions, making Barbie the perfect doll for every little girl. But it brings up the question: how would you dress Barbie if you could design her outfits? Well, some fashion students answered that question.

Fashion students deciding Barbieís fate

A group of students at Otis College of Art and Design were asked what they thought Barbie would wear on the beach in Miami, according to the LA Times. Then, the students were asked to design all-pink beachwear targeting girls 18 to 24. The students came up with a bunch of designs that are going to be displayed for the public to see. You might be thinking just bikinis, but thatís not the case. It really was just anything Barbie might be caught in on the beach. For example, one of the students designed a one-piece swimsuit that comes with a cover-up skirt attached to it. Giving the swimwear more fabric allows for more design statements to be made with the outfits. But the real question is whether or not Barbie will like them. With her high-end fashion and expectations for greatness, she may say yay or nay to the things they present.

Dressing Barbie at home

If you want to dress like Barbie too, there is one way you can do it. Jumpin Jammerz offers a selection of Barbie footy pajamas that make sleeping at night just as glamorous as you could expect it to be for Barbie. And the best part? You can get them for adults and for children. Dressing your kids is just like dressing Barbie, so maybe you should take a minute and buy one for you and your kid or maybe even your baby sister. Matching is fun, especially during bedtime.

Barbie beachwear

Another option for dressing like Barbie could be to buy some pink swimsuits at the store. We all know Barbie is fashionable, but any pink swim suit would probably do just fine. Maybe add some white or pink cover-ups for depth and a little more style if you need that. Truth be told, Barbie could do with a little less pink and a little more neutral. It wouldnít be terrible. And if you have a body like Barbie, youíll look even better in the bright pink bikinis.