I have a really random question about Barbie's little sister Kelly. Everywhere says that she came out in 1995. There's a Teacher Barbie set that also came out in 1995 and it comes with two children, and there are two sets of these children, one black and one white, that were randomized at the factory. I always kind of assumed that this was the beginning to Barbie's little sister Kelly even though the little blonde girl doesn't look anything like Kelly. Looking at pictures on the box I can see that it doesn't claim the two children are Tommy and Kelly.

I recently sold this set but I'm writing a guide about Kelly's for my blog and I was debating whether to include them. I can't remember what headmold the children had. For some reason I keep thinking it was 1976, but that may very well have been just Barbie. There's every chance their headmolds were 92-95ish, but I would swear I'm about 90% sure at least the "Kelly" had a headmold from the seventies. If I'm not crazy and she does, where does this headmold come from? Is it a descendent from another doll?