From the official forums: February Game Update

I promised an update for all of you regarding the February game update and here it is. Releasing a world-wide, multi-platform MMO like DC Universe Online requires each of our updates go through a complex approval process before they are brought to you. While we are still finalizing many of our update processes to ensure they are as efficient as possible, these approvals took a little longer than anticipated this time. This update will be brought to you at the first available opportunity which is Tuesday morning for everyone (no one platform or country will be left behind!).

What can you expect in this update? I'm glad you asked!

A new Batcave Raid zone
A new holiday themed alert
New holiday themed missions
An Auction House
A New PvP Ring Event
New Catwoman adventure which drops new Armor
A new Bane Duo
New Races
New Collections
Various PvP Exploits (you know which ones) have been fixed
The first wave of a series of Social UI changes
Dozens of Mission, Visual, and Audio bug fixes
We know many of you are excited about not only the new content but some of these fixes and we are determined to get them to you. We thank you for all your patience and understanding.

Finally, I'm finishing up our patch notes this morning and plan to post them later today (minus a few which refer to exploits) so you can see exactly what is changing.