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    Default unable to change xp desktop background

    How can I change windows XP desktop background?

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    Default Re: unable to change xp desktop background

    Go to your Desktop (The screen that appears when you log into windows that has all the icons (little pictures on it) and the words start in the bottom left corner.

    Find an empty space in the desktop background and Right Click the mouse.

    From the Options that appear select Properties at the bottom.

    In the new Menu select the Desktop Tab at the top.

    From there you can select a different image from the list, Change the colors or use the Browse Button to find a specific image on you pc that you wish to use.

    Also if you have an image on your pc that you wish to use for you background. Browse to the image so that you are looking at its icon. First left click it o highlight it. Second Right Click to bring up the Context Menu. From the menu select the "Set as Desktop" option and it will do so.



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