Games that have smaller jackpots tend to make more frequent payments. So if a win is what you are after and you have no concern about chasing the large bucks, games that have smaller jackpots are better options.

Progressive jackpots can be enticing, but you do not have favorable chances of claiming one.

Mega Jackpot in is the larger of the two, but it is also the one that takes more time to win it (if you are enormously lucky). Therefore, you should have enough money to be able to play for a long period of time before trying to hit this jackpot. If you would like to bet with less money, it may be wiser to aim for the second largest jackpot.

Therefore, you should only play for jackpots when they have reached a certain size. The biggest gain ever won on Mega jackpot is 13,212,882. So far, this is the biggest prize won on an online slot ever. The average premium on this game is $4,375,636 and it is won almost every 12 weeks. When you decide to play for the biggest jackpot you should wait until it has grown bigger than average, so you get the most if you are lucky enough to hit it.