This thread is for discussing dreaming and to post dreams that you've had.

I remember somewhat about one I had a couple days ago. It started with me probably (I don't know the exact situation) preventing a bank robbery by a bunch of monsters using a 22 caliber staple gun. Then it ended with me pulling into a parking lot with my car and spinning the clutch and brake as if I was riding a bike.

Another one is where me and some of my friends take some liquid drug from a teacher and go driving. All of a sudden the road becomes deformed and get really high and twisty. It actually felt like a roller coaster, like where your stomach fells weird.

The dream I had last night was me, my older brother, and my dad were driving through a desert with giant canyons everywhere. Well we kept driving and my older brother was driving and he kept trying to pull off jumps over the canyons and tight turns and we kept falling into the canyons. Every time we did though it reset like a video game.