Whenever I buy electronics from Best Buy and other stores, they push me very hard to get the custom store warranty.

And usually they convince me they will say how the - let's say an expensive camera for example - will not be covered under manufacturers warranty after a month and if it breaks then repairs will be expensive, how easily they will replace it if something happens to it, how they will replace the battery if it loses capacity or the lens if it gets scratched, and so on.

And I usually end up getting the warranties. And the item ends up never giving me any problems. So I never even had to put this to the test. But I still keep getting the warranties because I am afraid that if I don't get it, then something will happen.

And while not big amounts, these add up.

So any advice? are these custom warranties worth it? Or maybe just for certain types of items? How do I decide whether to get the store warranty or stick just with the manufacturer warranty?